Scentible Defect Kit


Musty/Mouldy | Rubbery | Medicinal | Over Fermented | Acrid | Rancid | Rioy | Potato

Each unit has a volume of 20ml, providing approximately 165 sprays per unit.

“Scentible Consumable Sensory Kit by Barista Supplies has won the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2024 Product Innovation Awards in both the Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice categories, which recognise the best innovations by MICE2024 exhibitors.” – BeanScene Magazine

Enhance your coffee quality control with Scentible’s Defect Kit. Tailored for QC training, cupping sessions, and refining your palate to identify defects in coffee. Perfect for professionals sourcing green beans, ensuring a meticulous and informed selection process. Elevate your training and transform the way you perceive and evaluate coffee quality.

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