Coffee Programmes

ASEAN Coffee Institute has thoughtfully designed various coffee programmes to help kick-start your coffee career. With all the different course offering, our certification will open doors of opportunity whether as a barista, café owner, mixologist or sensory expert.


ASEAN Coffee Institute Barista Certification (Level 1)

ACI Barista Certification Level 1 is an introductory course to everything you need to know as a junior barista. This course includes both theoretical session on the basics of the bean and practical session on how to operate and prepare coffee using an espresso machine. Upon completion, you will gain a better understanding on what goes into each sip of coffee: from growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and brewing. At the same time, you will be equipped with the fundamental and necessary skills needed to work in a café as a barista.

ASEAN Coffee Institute Barista Certification (Level 2)

ACI Barista Certification Level 2 takes your existing barista skills up a notch. You will learn all the practical skills needed to craft a great cup of coffee, including dialing in espresso, latte art techniques, as well as customer service and workspace efficiency. Besides building up your confidence and developing competency to run an espresso bar, this course is your path towards espresso mastery.

Upcoming Trainings

UCC Coffee Academy, Philippines

Date: 15th - 16th August 2024

Venue: UCC Coffee Academy, BGC, Taguig

(addressed to Gold or Yas)

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All Courses - UCC Coffee Academy Philippines

Lighthouse Coffee Academy, Penang

Dates: TBC

Venue: Lighthouse Coffee, Perai

Registration Link:
ASEAN Coffee Institute(ACI) Barista Certificate - Lighthouse Coffee Roastery & Academy (

Dankoff Coffee Academy, Kuala Lumpur

Date: TBC

Venue: DC Academy

Registration Link:
Coffee Workshops (

Parchmen Academy, Singapore

25 - 28 July 2024

9 - 12 July 2024 (Closed Course with YMCA)

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5758 Coffee Lab, Indonesia

Coming Soon

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