Pilot Projects & Case Studies

There are a number of interesting projects and action happening in the field related to Living Income Assessments, Resilient Landscapes and Market Policies (from both the private and public sector). This section is a place to find information on key projects, studies, and examples related to these topics. It will be updated with new information as studies are identified and/or completed. This is also where the results of the Assessments led by the ICO’s CPPTF, in coordination with the regional platforms and other partners, will be available as they are completed and validated by the key institutions.

Living Income Study and Report for Rural Lampung Province, Indonesia


The report on estimating a living income for coffee farmers in Lampung, Indonesia, was commissioned by the International Coffee Organization (ICO), under the aegis of its larger work with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade, Indonesia Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI) and Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI).

Full Report and Supporting Materials

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Full Benchmark Report
By Wardah Hasyim, Syarifah Marlina Almazhir, Ibnu Mundzir, Azfar Khan, Ian Prates, Richard Anker, Martha Anker
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CPPTF Goals / Commitments

The Coffee Public-Private Task Force was established by the International Coffee Organization in 2019, following the signature of the “London Declaration” by 12 private sector companies, and upon the request of the International Coffee Council at its 125th Session. The Task Force is designed to build common ground for a global partnership between the coffee industry and governments, guided by the overriding vision of the sustainability of the sector and prosperity for grower communities.
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Technical Workstreams

The technical workstreams have been activated and started providing the expertise required to close key knowledge gaps, elevate existing research and begin interventions in selected ICO exporting countries.

Technical Workstreams are organized according to the thematic areas as identified by the Resolution 465/London Declaration and are expected to produce technical inputs and reports to support the implementation of Task Force commitments and concrete actions.

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ACF Collaboration in CPPTF

In December 2022, ASEAN Coffee Federation signed a Joint Declaration with the International Coffee Organization, becoming an interested partner of the ICO in the implementation of its CPPTF, and in particular to its Technical Workstream on Living and Prosperous Income (LPI TWS). Through the support from Germany's GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), ACF is committed towards building and implementing the LPI work with its members in the ASEAN region.