Robert Francisco

Philippine Coffee Board, Inc (PCB)




Contact Number:

+63 917 620 9001


Robert has been in the coffee industry for the last 29 years, starting as a micro roaster and a coffee shop operator in the Philippines. He started a company called San Francisco Coffee and Roastery (SANCOCO) in 1998, supplying roasted beans to the country’s biggest coffee shop chains, hotels and restaurants.

In 2013, Robert sold his company (Boyd Coffee Company Phils Inc) to focus on coffee training. He obtained a Q grader certificate from Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and continued to learn about processing, finally obtaining a license as a Q Coffee Professional and Assistant Instructor. He conducts seminars to many groups in the Philippines as well as abroad.

In 2017 he assumed the role of Executive Director of the Philippine Coffee Board Inc ( as well as acting as its Technical Director. He has given countless seminars on Coffee Development, Introduction to Cupping, Alternative Brewing Methods and many other topics.

He was also appointed to start the UCC Coffee Academy in Philippines, and continues to give seminars to UCC clients and stakeholders.

Robert is often asked to give lectures with the Department of Trade and Industry in various coffee-growing areas. He is trained and has expertise in the whole coffee value chain, starting from coffee retail and backward integration to roasting, coffee processing and sensory training.