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Contact Number:

+603 8964 5930
+60 16 331 9387 (Whatsapp)


Working in coffee since 2005, I started my career in the industry as a sales representative at Dankoff Coffee Specialist in Malaysia. Growing to a more senior role in the organization - I took on the role of training and development in 2015. We successfully established the DC Academy, which is the training arm that offers Specialty Coffee Association courses, workshops and other professional certifications.

I am a CQI Licensed Q-Grader and Authorised SCA Trainer for Intro to Coffee, Barista Skills, Roasting, Brewing & Sensory Skills modules under the Coffee Skills Program with SCA. I am also an Authorised Trainer and Committee Member for the ASEAN Coffee Federation.

Since 2015, I am a member of Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association (MSCA) and hold a position as Vice President (2020-2022).

I am seasoned judge of local and international coffee championships and I enjoy bringing these experiences to my trainings to continuously improve the quality for students. In 2017, I was a certified judge with the World Coffee Events, and is one of the Malaysian Technical Judge in World Latte Art Championship at Budapest in Final Team.

Coffee Qualifications
WCE certified WLAC Technical 2017-2019, 2019-2021
WCE certified WBRC Sensory 2017-2019, 2019-2021
WCE certified WCRC Sensory 2020-2022
WCE certified WLAC Visual 2020-2022
WCE certified WBC Sensory 2020-2022
SCA AST - Barista, Brewing, Roasting & Sensory
ASEAN Coffee Federation - Trainer
CQI Q Grader

Recent Judge Experience
World Latte Art Championship - Berlin 2019 Technical Judge
World Brewers Cup Championship - Boston 2019 Sensory Judge
World Coffee Roasting Championship - Taipei 2019 Sensory Judge
Indonesia Latte Art Championship - 2019 Head Judge
Singapore National Brewers Cup - 2019 Head Judge & Sensory
Malaysia Latte Art Championship - 2022, 2020, 2019 Head, Visual & Technical Judge
Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship - 2022, 2020, 2019 Head & Sensory Judge
Malaysia Barista Championship - 2022, 2020 Head, Sensory & Technical Judge